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Background Facts

Date Document/Event Description
01-09-1955 Occupation Permit of No. 45J Ma Tau Wai Road was issued The building was constructed by the then Grantee named Kwok Yue Wah
06-05-1991 Purchase Assignment The whole building No. 45J Ma Tau Wai Road was purchased by Halesweet Ltd (喜事佳有限公司) at HK$6.5M (as per  land search conducted on 02-02-2010. 
13-01-2010 Building Order No. D427/K/09 under s26 of Buildings Ordinance was issued
  • Building Authority declared that the building was liable to become dangerous. 
  • Building Authority ordered the owner to carry out works on common areas & exterior of the building before 13-03-2010, including  :-
  • 1. (a) Remove loose, cracked, defective concrete from  reinforced concrete structure; (b) clean existing exposed steel bars of loose rust & foreign matter; (c) provide & securely fix in place additional steel bars as necessary & reinstae. 
  • 2. Remove all loose/defective external & internal wall finishes.
29-01-2010 The whole building of No. 45J Ma Tau Wai Road (aged 54 years) collapsed at about 1.30 pm 4 occupants died while 2 other occupants were seriously injured.
01-02-2010 Building Authority set up action teams 40 action teams of Building Authority started to check the remaining 4,000 odd buildings in Hong Kong which were older than 50 years
01-02-2010 Closure Orders for neigbhouring building No. 45H Ma Tau Wai Road was issued  
11-02-2010 1st to 4th Floors of No. 45H Ma Tau Wai Road were partially demolished.  
24-02-2010 Building Authority decided to demolish the whole of the twin buildings of Nos. 45G & H Ma Tau Wai Road as from 01-03-2010  


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