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With more than 30 years' legal experience, Raymond T. L. Tse & Co., Solicitors serve a wide spectrum of clientele by providing the following legal services :-

Bankruptcy & Company Winding Up 

Building Management & Incorporated Owners

Civil Celebration of Marriages

Civil Claims

Company/Commercial Law

Conveyancing - Buying & Selling Real Properties

Criminal Law

Employment Law

Family Law (Custody, Guardianship & Divorce)

Immigration & Visa Application (to Hong Kong)

Intellectual Property (Trade Marks, Patent, Copyright, Design)

Labour Disputes

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Court Litigation (Civil & Criminal)

Personal Injuries

Wills & Probate 

You are welcome to contact us for advice and to solve your problems. Depending on the complexity of your cases, our hourly rate ranges from HK$3,600 (about US$460) to HK$6,000 (about US$770).


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